Delivery Charges?

Delivery charges vary depending on where you are based.

We may send you a surplus payment link to pay for extra charges incurred for a third party courier if it is out of our delivery zone.

How do we deliver?

By Cargo bike, our cyclists all work directly for us and they're there to help.

Can the cyclist help me lay the the food?

Yes, if you have a large order the cyclist will bring your delivery inside and can help you with set up. They often have a lot of deliveries to do though, so if you think you're going to require more than 5 minutes of help, please say so in the ordering notes, then we can get in contact with you and arrange for extra service.

Extra service?

For large offices we can provide extra help, to meet our cyclist in front of your office, help carry the lunches to the office, lay out and even help serve. This service cost £12 p/h and is Vatable.

Where do we deliver?

We have a set delivery zone, orders within it are £10, orders outside of it cost the price of the courier.


We accept payment online, you can also pay by card, for large accounts we can set you up with a client account, for accounts please contact us.


How do I receive the weekly menu?

We send a weekly email out with the menu, but it's also available online.

Where is my order?

Call us on +44 (0)20 3730 1075 or email

How do the lunches come?

Biodegradable and recyclable packaging is used for all our products.

What if part of my order is missing?

We will either redeliver the missing item as soon as possible or we will refund it

What is I have an allergy?

You must inform us 24 hours before the order if someone in your team has an allergy. All the food is prepared in the same kitchen and though we take allergens very seriously, trace amounts of allergens can be found in some dishes.

The allergy information is written on the label of each dish and is on the website, but it is the responsibility of the person booking the lunch to inform us of allergies prior to the order. This is because we need to make the allergen free meal in a clean and separate area.

What if my order is late?

More than 15 minutes late and we will refund you 10%
More that 30 minutes late and we will refund you 25%
More than 45 minutes late and we will refund 50%
More than 1 hour late and your lunch is free

This is subject to change, poor weather conditions i.e heavy rain or snow, cyclist crash may impact the eventual amount discounted for lateness.

Dietary Requirements

We cater to all dietary requirements. Let us know in advance what they are and we will cater to them. Catering to some requirements may add extra costs to the meal.

Customer Support

Use our messaging service, +44 (0)20 3730 1075 or email

Are Karma Cans healthy?


Why are there no calories on my Karma Cans?

Because calorie counting is counterintuitive, the oils and fats that go into our lunches are all unsaturated, there's no hidden additives or preservatives, our goal is to keep you full, with no extra snacking until dinner time, therefore a Karma can typically comes in at between 600 and 680 calories per bowl. We change the menu every week and we have thousands of recipes, making it hard to check the calorie content of each dish but the formula is the same, grains, greens and protein in every bowl.

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