Fifth Birthday Bash

From two to twenty, Gini and Eccie have grown Karma Cans from a two women mission to employing a 20 plus team, who send out freshly made breakfasts and lunches 5 days a week. It’s been an exciting ride that all started from a couple of Karma Cans (even physical tiffin tins!) being sold on the streets to now delivering to all corners of London.

Karma Cans delivers around 100 lunches a day of freshly well thought out meals. We do all the thinking for you with our menu changing weekly, we provide a meat, fish and vegetarian option so you can easily select and have different meals bursting of fresh flavours.

Our story begins from our first underground-shared kitchen in Soho, with our first cargo bike to send out our larger orders. With new recipes and new customers comes new learning experiences, which where our natural learning curves!