Mouthwatering Miso

We thought we would take the time to tell you why miso can be spotted all around our kitchens. Miso doesn’t just come in a couple of forms, its has numerous forms like wine and cheese. But all miso’s will contain the main ingredients of:

Water, soya, koji, salt and fermentation

This typically known Japanese ingredient can not only help as a good source of nutrients exploding with manganese, vitamins B + K and copper. But all the fermenting it has previously done makes the body absorb these nutrients easier. Being high in antioxidants, it helps fight off any cancerous forming cells and fermentation creates a good bacteria to improve immune function.

To sum it up; ferment, ferment, ferment your miso! For the best health results and flavour buy miso that has fermented for at least 180 days, or if your feeling adventurous make your own for even longer.