NHS Community Catering

Community has always been at the forefront of Karma Cans. When the pandemic hit London, our bustling streets became a ghost town and business as usual came to a holt. The hard work of our NHS and their role in saving lives was truly brought to light.

We partnered with some incredible charities; Meals4NHS and Hospitality for Heroes.

In a matter of weeks, we flipped our model and had established charity partnerships. We were making around 1,000 meals a day for hospitals over the course of 3 months from our kitchen space in Hackney. In our meals we kept the vital ingredients we love and our Karma Cans flavours, whilst keeping it affordable for our partnered charities. It was an all hands on deck situation for such a different operation.

With the help of Eden Catering, doing the all important daily drops, and our other charity partnerships, we were able to put our kitchen to good use when times got tough.