No Calorie Counting

Here at Karma Cans we love good food, really, we do. In particular, we love food that is healthy; food that tastes fresh, clean and bright. However, healthy, delicious meals need not hover anywhere near calorie counting, in fact, this is a term that we have banished from our kitchen altogether.

We have nothing against calorie counting, per se, but counting calories is nothing to do with nutrition. If you were to focus purely upon calorie intake at the expense of looking at exactly what it was you were eating, you could end up eating some very odd things indeed. In fact, avocado, a super food beloved throughout the land and one that graces our lunch boxes on a regular basis has more calories than a Mars Bar. Point made? We think so.

We believe that the most important thing when it comes to eating right for your health is to eat properly, and in the right proportions.

In our kitchen we only let fresh, seasonal produce through the door and we cook and put it together in a way that keeps it vibrant and unprocessed. We also change our menu every day, which means we have a different menu every week; this means you can be sure that no produce is ever left hanging around (and that is another reason for us not counting the calories – what a hassle!)

When you overthink food you are at risk of taking the joy out of it, and finding a moment of joy each day in the bottom of a lunchbox is a huge part of what we do. We want you to feel bright, healthy and happy, without a 'kcal' in sight.