From smashed avocado on toast to beautiful homemade granola bowls, get breakfast right for your team.

Sharing the first meal of the day with your team, or your clients is the perfect starting point to a day full of productivity.

Mix it up for your team with platters of freshly baked pastries from Pavilion bakery and mini protein power pots, or ease people into the day with granola bowls and banana bread with compote and almond butter.

Smashed avocado on E5 sourdough

mixed in lemon, extra virgin olive oil with spring onion, coriander and sumac garnish

Hot smoked salmon on sourdough

with tahini yogurt, topped with herbs

Homemade granola pot with yogurt and honey

karma cans homemade nutty granola mix with greek yogurt and honey (peanut free)

Tomato butterbeans, rocket and egg pot

marinated butter beans in homemade tomato sauce, with rocket and soft boiled egg

Banana bread served with nut butter and fruit compote

sugar crusted, made with loads of bananas and yogurt

Fresh fruit portion

a mix of seasonal fruits serve with fresh mint on platters or individually portioned

Hot smoked salmon and crushed pea pot

served with avocado & a soft boiled egg