Chilled Meals

Included in every box are our range of chilled meals and sauces.

Why? Because cooking is still hard, you’ve just committed to cooking every night for a week, and salad needs friends.

You get a slow cooked sausage, cavolo nero and rigatoni meal for two, our special tomato sauce, a turmeric and chickpea dhal, homemade pesto and also god’s gift to all food, our XO chilli oil which is 100% bits. Why 100%, because we know you dig the bits out and leave the oil. It’s ok, it’s a part of who we all are.

You cannot get these things anywhere else, only we, we the Karma Cans We, provide them to you. These meal come with each of our veg boxes.

Riga Small
Chilled Sausage and chickpea rigatoni
Sausage, chickpea, parmesan, white wine, lemon, rigatoni, olive oil, garlic, chilli, greens.
Turmeric and chickpea stew
Chickpeas, contains mustard seed, coconut, turmeric, shallots, raisins, coriander, lime, cayenne pepper, lentils