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Individually portioned, beautifully presented and balanced, everything you need to feed your team.

The menu changes every week, our team plans them out together every eight weeks. We do it over team lunch, the lunch we share each day is where all the best ideas come from. From the pot wash to the sales team, everyone's voice is heard. And you know what, it works. The ever evolving menus are unique and diverse. Full of health, seasonal ingredients and happiness, take a look at the weeks ahead and pick something great for your team to enjoy together.

  • December 02 — December 06
    Turkey Meatballs
    Turkey Meatballs
    rolled with almonds, white miso, raisins and herbs, tomato jam, chopped broccoli salad with toasted spelt grain salad
    Menu Item
    Pan-fried Salmon with Herby Smashed Potatoes
    with homemade walnut dressing. Walnut, anchovies, garlic and raisin roasted crispy potatoes topped with herbs & served with sautéed seasonal greens
    Ragu Small
    Vegetable Ragu
    braised aubergine, courgette, pepper and onion ragu, spiced saffron couscous and slow cooked chickpeas
  • December 09 — December 13
    Smoked Pulled Chicken with Red Pepper + Rigatoni Salad
    Smoked pulled chicken, crisped up in herb oil Thinly sliced and caramelised peppers and onions, tossed with rigatoni, roasted almonds, parmesan and sardines, served with gem salad and a mustard dressing
    Mushroom Salmon
    Seared Salmon & Wild Rice Pilau
    lemon cured, roasted onions dark green leaves sautéed with crispy mushrooms, thyme, lemon zest and sage gremolata
    Poke Veg Small
    Chilli and soy squash poke
    Edamame, smacked cucumber, sushi rice, seaweed strips, avocado, sesame seeds & shredded red cabbage with soy, sesame and mirin dressing
  • December 16 — December 20
    Misochicken Small
    Crispy Miso Chicken
    Udon noodles and beansprouts salad with seasonal greens with soy and sesame dressing topped with herbs
    Orchetti Prawn Small
    Sautéed Garlicky Prawns
    with tomato and pepper orecchiette salad with seasonal greens
    Karma Cans June Week3 Burger 002
    Wild Mushroom and Turtle Bean Burger
    Served in a soft flatbread with red wine vinegar roasted peppers, homemade ketchup and lemony aioli. Served with a crunchy herb salad with iceberg, mint, coriander and basil

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