The original salads, but served over compostable platters, delicious, fresh and healthy, but for sharing .

The platters are priced per portion, so you pay for the portions you need. The minimum platter order is three people.

The platter bases are compostable and the lids are recyclable. This option is great for meetings, team lunch or events where people want to try a bit of everything.

  • February 17 — February 21
    5 Spice 2
    Peanut & Five Spice Hot Oil Chicken
    chopped broccoli and brown rice salad, fresh mint, basil and coriander, peanut, chilli and five spice sauce.
    Fish Stew
    Prawns & White Fish
    Prawns and white fish braised in white wine and plum tomatoes, with lemony aioli and giant couscous
    Aubergine & Taleggio Caponata
    Taleggio and capanta rigatoni Slow cooked Sicilian aubergine capanta with rigatoni and shaved taleggio topped with toasted almonds and seasonal greens.
  • February 24 — February 28
    Harrisa Chicken
    Harrissa Rubbed Chicken Thigh
    Harissa rubbed chicken thigh, with giant couscous salad, topped with pistachios, pomegranate, coriander roasted okra with labneh.
    Miso Green Salmon
    Miso Salmon & Bright Green Noodles
    Soba noodles, dressed in green miso and spinach dressing, seared salmon, lollo rosso, topped with toasted sesame seeds,
    Karma Cans June Week3 Burger 002
    Wild Mushroom and Turtle Bean Umami burger
    Served in a soft flatbread with red wine vinegar roasted peppers, homemade ketchup and lemony aioli. Served with a crunchy herb salad with iceberg, mint, coriander and basil
  • March 02 — March 06
    Chicken Peanut Pot
    Cashew Chicken Peanut Noodle
    Crispy grilled chicken thigh, rice noodles, honey and soy cashews with caramelised carrots w/ a peanut & lime dressing
    Fish Taco
    Fish Taco
    raw salmon ceviche, spring onion, chopped lettuce and avocado salad on tomato rice, green chilli sauce and lime.
    Menu Item
    Roasted Cauliflower & Potato Curry
    Fresh grated turmeric, ginger and curry leaves with turmeric lentils and rice, fresh coriander chutney, chilli jam and yogurt
  • March 09 — March 13
    Menu Item
    Chicken Robata
    apanese BBQ’d chicken coated in soy and mirin, served with toasted peanuts, bonito, spring onion, coriander and a sticky glazed rice ball (contains fish)
    Salmon Nicoise
    Salmon Nicoise
    Grilled salmon fillet, olives and anchovies, herby new potatoes crisped up in the oven and blanched green beans, gem leaves and dijon mustard dressing
    Tofu Platter
    Black Pepper And Soy Caramelised Tofu Cubes
    Soba noodles in kaiso dressing with sliced cabbage and herbs, sticky black pepper tofu with mandolin carrots and a kaiso dressing pot
  • March 16 — March 20
    Menu Item
    Herby Breaded Chicken
    Herb breaded flattened chicken breast sliced over Chopped bean and mangetout salad with spelt and lemon dressing topped lemon zest nuts and parmesan
    Orchetti Prawn Small
    Sautéed Garlicky Prawns
    with tomato and pepper orecchiette salad with seasonal greens
    Menu Item
    Meatless Marinara
    Meatless marinara with slow tomato sauce topped with mozzarella Bean-ball marinara with roasted aubergine, raw kale salad with a slice of focaccia
  • March 23 — March 27
    Menu Item
    Pulled Chicken w/ Pancetta & Parmesan
    Pulled chicken with pancetta and parmesan Thick cut leak garter, crispy small rosemary potato and pea and pea shoot salad
    Xo Salmon
    Rare Poached Salmon With XO Sauce
    With rice noodles, grilled aubergine, peas, bean sprouts, cumin seeds and homemade XO chilli sauce
    Miso Cauli
    Charred Cauliflower Steak
    dressed in sweet white miso and chipotle, quinoa bowl, rocket, fennel fronds, grilled fennel, coriander, basil and parsley. Homemade chipotle
  • March 30 — April 03
    Menu Item
    Crispy Chicken w/ Tahini & Soy
    Crispy chicken thigh with tahini and soy Couscous and chick peas salad with toasted seeds, seasonal greens and sriracha
    Fishcake & Homemade With Almond Aioli
    Flaked salmon and hot smoked salmon cake, crusted in panko, crushed roasted almonds, sprout top salad, caramelised red onions, lemon and olive oil.
    Menu Item
    Oyster Mushrooms & Crispy Tofu
    Sticky oyster mushrooms and crispy tofu Ginger, garlic, chill and soy udon noodle and greens salad

The salad options change each week, so select the week you're ordering for to choose from the relevant menu. The platters are priced per person, each portion is £8.5. Order by adding the number of portions of each item to your basket. Your platter will be made to order with the amount of portions you requested.

We can accept orders for up to twenty people up until 11AM on the day, but it's best to get your order in early, especially if you'd like lunch to be delivered at 12pm or earlier, or have a lot of dietary requirements.

Add items to your cart then choose date, time and delivery address at the checkout.

We have a minimum spend of £40.