Sourdough Sandwiches

Sandwiches started life as a secret, covertly launched to a special group of customers in January, we limited them to a few a day. Now we make hundreds.

We start with E5 sourdough, baked overnight a few streets away from our kitchen. Everything that goes into our sandwich fillings is made in house: Pesto, chipotle, baba ganoush... it takes a new team member three months to learn the ways of the perfect sandwich. They're perfect for any event or meeting.

Sandwiches Salmon
Hot smoked salmon, goat’s cheese, thyme and honey
Image 1
Pulled smoked chicken in rosemary and thyme herb oil, roasted almond aioli, and rocket.
Cauli Sand
Turmeric cauliflower sandwich, with toasted almonds, caramelised onions, raisins, pomegranate molasses and crispy roasted cauliflower.

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Orders for sandwiches of more than 20 must be placed 72 hours before you need them. This is because the bakery needs time to make your bread to order. We can make gluten free sandwiches.