We're creating a communal eating culture that starts with our team and expands into our network.

Seasonal, healthy food, made with integrity, eaten together and delivered to you.

At the heart of our kitchen is the family meal, we eat together and work together, this is the product we deliver to others. Inclusive eating is where new connections and ideas come from.

All our food comes as a balanced meal, we’re not going to put you on a diet but it’s all healthy, high protein food, which always comes with a full plate of vegetables and salads, most of the carbohydrates we use are slightly alternative, making our food rich in vitamins, low GI, and super healthy. We follow a few simple rules; balanced food, this means protein, lots of greens, healthy oils and fats and grains, all in perfect proportion.

We deliver our lunch to make eating more convenient and give people back their time, so they can fit more into their day. The team lunch is about your people and our food. It's the starting point for our team, healthy food, made with integrity and eaten together, good karma, delivered.

It’s time to join our lunch cult.