Building a community bigger and better than just ourselves

Founded in 2014 from a basement kitchen at home. Starting with £5, one customer and an idea, Gini and Eccie have grown the company over the last fiveyears, into a corporate catering service delivering 400-600 meals a day across London.

We’ve grown a business from the ground up, with no investment and no outside funding except a Virgin Startup loan. From day one, we’ve understood that Karma Cans is about building a community bigger and better than just ourselves and as we’ve grown that’s what we’ve striven for. A community centred around the table. For us lunch is the time when community and ideas are formed.

We do lunch

We sell team lunch and we know the value of that lunch in building a strong team and a vibrant community, we know this because it’s what we do for each other every day. Team lunch is the focal point of the day at Karma Cans. At 12pm everyone stops, eats together and talks, it’s our key to everything. Consistency has become a core value for us, of course it’s important that the food is consistent, that our service is constantly great, but what’s also essential is consistency between what we sell and who we are. We’re a community and that’s what we want to bring into the offices that we supply.


If you’re looking for a time and a place the food comes from, it’s London over the last 20 years. The diversity in food, ingredients and cultures is what drives the flexible, changing menus. There are nearly a thousand Karma Cans recipes, developed and tested in our kitchens. We pull ideas from everything we’ve experienced growing up in London.

Sustainability is a key part of what drives us

When we started we looked around at others in the market and we were shocked to see the ostentatious waste of materials, bags, napkins, plastic forks, layers of packaging and complexity. We hated it. For us Karma Cans is about stripping it back, we give you one container, no cutlery or napkin unless you ask, no bag and it’s all delivered to you by bike. The packaging is compostable or recyclable, but our aim is to minimise packaging in the first place.

We ditched red meat from the menu in 2015, we don’t serve endangered fish, and we try to source everything as responsibly and seasonally as possible. There are always going to be compromises that we have to make but we’re constantly looking for ways to do things differently.

Customer Experience

For us delivery and catering are experiential. All cyclists work directly for us, they’re also part of the team, they remember your dietary requirements, your address and what time you always order even though you forgot to mention it when you placed your order.

Everything we do is centred around making lunch better, and lunch is experienced not just consumed, for this reason, we’re on hand at events, we help lay out the lunches nicely and you can always rely on us to go the extra mile (literally) if you have a lunch emergency and need something last minute.