The best ideas happen at the table.

London-based food delivery company, making and delivering sustainable, healthy lunches, breakfasts and event food around London.

We produce all our food to order from our kitchen in Hackney and deliver them to your office or home.

Creating a positive eating culture

We're creating a communal eating culture that starts with our team and expands into our client network. Simple, healthy food, eaten together, made and delivered with integrity. At the heart of our kitchen is the family meal, we eat together and it’s the product we deliver to others. Inclusive eating, is where new connections and ideas come from, when we eat together we eat more healthily. We deliver lunch to make eating well more convenient, to build productive, friendly and happy workplaces.

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"The food was fab, honestly - I feel like every time we order from you it just gets better and better!"


"Food has been amazing"


"It's fresh, it's hearty and I love the flavors . Made with love and integrity obviously."

Silou London

"You guys have revolutionised our lunches!"

Our Safety Measure Guarantee
Hygiene Practices
All our suppliers follow the most up-to-date general and COVID-related hygiene protocols
Sanitary Food Preparation
Alongside following hygienic practices in the kitchen, we package everything individually and sanitise all equipment thoroughly
Safe Delivery
All our riders wear masks, anti-bac their hands and can offer contact-free delivery if desired