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Our Rooftop Residency Is Being Relocated - Hold Tight For More Info.


The Karma Cans residency is in the process of being moved to a new location. Sit tight and keep an eye on our instagram for an update of the new location.

Karma Cans are picking up our tongs, stacking the logs, sprinkling a few applewood chips over the top and setting fire to the rest of the summer (in a ‘we have extinguishers to hand’ way).

It’s time to get yourself lightly seared on the reality grill, as we walk you behind a dark gate on a Hoxton backstreet, up a flight of scaffold stairs and onto the beautiful wood decked roof of Hoxton Docks, stretching over the canal.

The menu is short, simple and only the hits. Expect everything you've ever wanted from a rooftop. Including dishes like our spatchcocked chicken, grilled with garlic and herb oil, crispy potatoes tossed in mustard and grilled sourdough with our homemade chilli XO sauce, and lots more. We'll be serving craft beer and wines from Keeling Andrew (the team behind Noble Rot)!

Book now for groups of 2-6. Each sitting will be in line with social distancing to welcome you all safely and allow enough time for our staff to deep clean and prepare for the next guests.



Grilled Sourdough with homemade chilli XO sauce

Buffalo cauliflower wings dipped in homemade hot sauce, with blue cheese dip and sliced celery salad dressed in lemon

Ricotta curd and tomato salad, with fennel seed, black pepper, honey and sherry vinegar dressing

Panzanella with anchovies


Wild Mushroom + Turtle Bean Burger

Served in a soft flatbread with red wine vinegar roasted peppers, homemade ketchup and lemony aioli. Served with a crunchy her salad with iceberg, mint, coriander and basil (vegan option available)

Roasted Spatchcocked Chicken

with garlic, lemon and herb oil, served with homemade romesco, chopped bean salad and grilled spring onion

Side Salads

Banging Potato Salad: crispy potatoes with cured red onion and mustard dressing

Cobb Salad: corn off the cob, celery, avocado and roasted pepper salad

Green Salad: Pea pods, mange tout and sugar snap salad. Blistered on the BBQ, hot oil sauce with garlic, fennel seed, chive, poured over yogurt and lemon


Homemade triple chocolate cookie with Hackney Gelato salted caramel ice creamVegan

Ice Cream with homemade tiffin crumb

Coconut sorbet with barbecued banana


Blackened whole sea bream, black garlic, scotch bonnet and honey sauce with fresh herbs

Killer Plants, Making it Work, Working From Home

A lot of you have been working with Karma Cans for six years. It's been a while and over that time we've built a team of 20+ people, developed close to 1000 recipes and served some amazing companies, some amazing food.

Then Coronavirus happened and we thought, what should we do?

We're a company that makes can produce 2k meals a day, making great food for everyone is our thing, so we began serving key workers in hospitals, we're currently making 5k meals a week for people who need them. You can donate via the site if you feel like it.

The second thing we're doing is essential boxes, and these guys will come with some home cooked Karma Cans specials. Recipes straight from our kitchen that you can heat up at home. We're adding a rigatoni and sausage dish, turmeric dhal, fresh pesto, tomato sauce alla speed dating and spaghetti making and XO chilli oil. The meals will be in addition to salads and seasonal vegetables. There's also an additional box of pastries, eggs bread and a chicken.

It's a new way to express ourselves, to connect with our customers. It's not expensive, it's delivered to your door on Wednesdays and Fridays. Give it a go and let us know if you like it.


Sisters Eccie and Gini started Karma Cans in 2014 a business, with Eccie having a background as a chef, it all started in their home kitchen. Soon after, this expanded into a shared kitchen, then into a shipping container in Hackney, before building their own two kitchens. Now the team is close to 25 people.

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We're creating a communal eating culture that starts with our team and expands into our network. Seasonal, healthy food, made with integrity, eaten together and delivered to you. At the heart of our kitchen is the family meal, we eat together and work together, this is the product we deliver to others. Inclusive eating is where new connections and ideas come from.

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Our great team is the foundation of Karma Cans. Karma Can’s is built from incredible chefs, reliable cyclists, operations, and our fantastic sales team to help spread communal eating culture.

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