Real food. Real people.


Founding the company in 2014, Ecci’s focus lies with the kitchen; menus, production, supplying and development. Ecci’s ‘can do’ abilities have pushed Karma Cans to where it is today and her list of hidden talents just keeps on growing.


Founding the company in 2014, Gini works hard to ensure excellence is served to all our customers in every area. She pushes for the companies increasing development and success. Where she goes, a little pug named Cedrick usually follows.


Head of Sales
Multiple hat wearer Charlotte, works on cross functional projects to ensure the companies growth. She makes each experience as best as it can be when delivered to clients. She can also work at a speed that regular people would not think is possible - a perfect skill if the kitchen need a hand plating.


Head of Operations
Callum manages the kitchen and the cycling team to ensure that all deliveries arrive to the right place at the right time. He's organised, calm and efficient, all key to making sure orders arrive at their destination.


Head of Commercial
Kesh is a driven team member. Insightful and committed to delivering a great experience to all Karma Cans customers. She is a pro at making things happen and keeps the office alive with her upbeat energy.


Sales Manager
Elly brings her smile, humour and laughter to the table, whatever the weather! She works hard to connect with people who need great food, sustaining important relationships to make sure the customer is always satisfied.


Head Chef
Our cool as a cucumber Head Chef keeps the kitchen in sparkling shape. His attention to detail and creativity is what makes the Karma Cans food come alive, whilst bringing flavours from all around the world.


Sous Chef
Once known as the ‘Grill King’, Jack is a pro at mastering all fiery BBQ elements and bringing fiery flavours into our kitchen. His mind is always ticking with new creations and if not making incredible meals, you can find him cracking jokes to keep the kitchen atmosphere at an all time high.