End to end catering for your office. Transformative street food style pop-ups, canapés, or mind blowing BBQs with grilled meats and classic Karma Cans salads, take a look through the different styles of event we run.

We don't just do the food, with us you get a dedicated account manager and our super operations team, who'll work with you from the planning stages through to the event execution. We'll help with everything from how much/ what to order, the drinks, the service, the logistics and the set up and breakdown.

We plan corporate events for hundreds of people every day and we know that unbelievable food is just the starting point.


Here are some of the Chaat, pani puri Mumbai street snack we serve for many of our clients, including Microsoft Reactor events. We have a menu of 15 canapés and you can order by the piece or we can create a tailored canapé menu for your event.

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Wholly Moley! It's slow cooked duck wraps with Burmese avocado salad (sticky tofu for vegan McSchmeegans) We slow cook duck for 6 hours in our homemade BBQ sauce till it falls off the bone, then we wrap it up in a soft flour tortilla, with crunchy lettuce, toasted peanuts, avocados, mint, coriander and basil and crispy shallots. We can pop this setup into your office, for a special team lunch or a party. We've done it for Indeed, Yelp, Amazon, Doc Martin, Cloud Flare and Microsoft.

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Heart Bowls

Pressed palm leaf bowls. Filled with delicious salad goodness. A weekly changing menu....What more could you want? We plate them to order onsite, super healthy, easy to eat and available for work events and parties.

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It's hot, people are sipping drinks at your event. What do they want? A delicious bbq, slammed full of grilled vegetable salads, burnished meats, glazed We can bbq anywhere you'll have us.

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Spaghetti Speed Dating

Ciao regazzi! Call me Luigi, and send me to Naples - we’ve got that Parmegganio Reggiano and we’re laying it on thick. Live the dolce vita, learn to make pasta while speed dating with you're team.

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Small Pots

Small Pots. Tiny pots of our favourite Karma Cans, complete and easy to eat. Great for events where people need a quick healthy bite to grab and go.

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Food has been amazing


Really great feedback as always — you guys are becoming a fave in the office!