Positive Eating, Positive Wellbeing

3 July 2023

Enhancing employee wellbeing can yield significant benefits for your company, such as increased productivity and loyalty, stronger company culture and improved overall job satisfaction. At Karma Cans, we practice what we preach, as the whole team stops work at midday to enjoy lunch together, made by our talented chefs. This is because we believe that the best connections and ideas always happen at the table. 

Since employees value company perks as a key factor in their decision to either join or remain at a company, and businesses often struggle to attract and retain top talent, many businesses are expanding their benefits strategies. But where to start? 

In a post-pandemic world, where the new norm has become working from home, many employees may have a sense of belonging and connections with other colleagues. Karma Cans have been working with several offices to use food as a tool to bring people back together - and the feedback has been incredible. So when thinking about office perks, why not start with food? 

It’s no secret that eating a healthy, balanced diet with a good range of nutrients positively impacts our physical and mental wellbeing. When we eat well, we are more likely to have sustained energy levels, better focus and concentration and improved sleep quality. So making dietary choices that prioritise nutritious foods can have amazing benefits. What’s more, providing social breakfast or lunch opportunities, away from the desk, can strengthen relationships between colleagues, in turn, creating a happier and healthier work environment.

At Karma Cans, we understand that dietary needs can vary widely from person to person and so we make it a priority to cater to all requirements, including vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free, nut-free and lactose-free options. By offering a diverse range of meals that cater to different dietary needs, we help to create an inclusive environment where everyone can share a meal together, regardless of their dietary restrictions. This not only ensures that everyone can enjoy a delicious and healthy meal, but it also fosters a sense of community and togetherness, promoting positive relationships and a welcoming office atmosphere.

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