Spotlight on E5 bakery

3 July 2023

At Karma Cans, we are passionate about providing our customers with food that supports their health and wellbeing. That's why we choose to work with suppliers who share our values and commitment to quality ingredients. One of our favourite suppliers is E5 Bakehouse, a fellow Hackney-based business that produces some of the best sourdough bread we've ever tasted.

Sourdough is a traditional type of bread that is made using a natural fermentation process. The bread is made from just three simple ingredients: flour, water, and salt. What sets sourdough apart from other bread is the natural wild yeast and bacteria that are present in the air and on the surface of the grains. When combined with water and flour, these microorganisms kick-start the fermentation process, which breaks down the gluten and other complex molecules in the dough. The result is a bread that is easier to digest, has a lower glycemic index, and is richer in vitamins and minerals than other types of bread. 

E5 Bakehouse use organic, stoneground flour and filtered water to create their dough, which is then fermented for up to 48 hours before being baked in a wood-fired oven. The result is a bread that is full of flavour and has a beautiful texture.

But E5 Bakehouse is more than just a great sourdough supplier. They are a business committed to supporting their local community and promoting sustainable food practices. They work closely with local farmers and millers to source their ingredients, and they are dedicated to reducing waste and using sustainable packaging. They also run a range of workshops and events that celebrate the art of breadmaking and encourage people to connect with their food and community.

At Karma Cans, we choose to work with suppliers like E5 because they share our values and commitment to quality, sustainable ingredients. We believe that food should be nourishing, delicious, and connected to the community and the earth. And with E5 Bakehouse’s incredible sourdough bread as the base of our sandwiches,, we are able to offer our customers a delicious and healthy alternative to conventional bread.

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