Sustainability at Karma Cans

29 August 2023

Sustainability is at the core of our business, and we are dedicated to minimising our environmental impact wherever possible through conscious decisions and practices. Our commitment to sustainability includes delivering food by cargo bike where possible to reduce carbon emissions, sourcing ingredients locally and seasonally and using minimal packaging to reduce waste. 

The planet is significant, and that's why we are proud to partner with suppliers who share our passion. We work with several neighbourhood suppliers that support our local community and reduce transportation emissions, supporting sustainable agriculture practices. Our suppliers offer fresh and high-quality products since the goods don't travel long distances to reach our kitchen, and we have built amazing relationships with our green grocers, butcher, fishmonger and bakers, which has allowed us to understand the sourcing process better, ensuring everything is done sustainably. 

We recognise the importance of packaging our food ethically and sustainably and, therefore, pride ourselves on packaging all our food in products that cause minimal environmental harm. For example, our platters use the waste materials from annual renewable crops like corn, sugarcane, and potatoes. The natural starch from these crops can be turned into eco-friendly packaging, a great alternative to conventional plastics. Our platters are certified as 100% compostable, which means they can be disposed of with general food waste after use and processed back into natural compost in under 12 weeks.

We firmly believe that small steps towards sustainability can significantly create a better planet for future generations. By taking these steps, we hope to inspire others to make conscious choices towards sustainability and to join us in creating a more sustainable future.

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