The food was fab, honestly - I feel like every time we order from you it just gets better and better!


Food has been amazing


Really great feedback as always — you guys are becoming a fave in the office! 


It's fresh, it's hearty and I love the flavors . Made with love and integrity obviously.

Silou London

Perfect and delicious, as always. I love the fact that I can order your food and not worry that it's going to be bland or not enough. Great job, thank you!

Silou London

It was extremely well received and utterly scrumptious. You're my new best friends : )

Fantastic Man

The lunch was amazing, everyone loved it. It looked gorgeous and it tasted great.


BEST MEETING LUNCH I’VE EVER HAD. THANK YOU. Emily Scott BEST LUNCH SCRAPS I EVER HAD. THANK YOU. Justine Guicherd BEST LUNCH I HEARD PEOPLE SCREAMING ABOUT ON MY ZOOM CALL EVER! Craig Barnes Leafs of Loveliness. Grains of the Greek Gods. Kale of the Kings. Charley Pickering Can’t believe I missed this. Charlotte Alcock

Elmwood London

You guys have revolutionised our lunches!


Karmacans is one of the best catering company in London. Their food is very tasty, fresh, heathy and look absolutely amazing. I have partnered with them on big events and small ones, and it always been a great success. 🙏🙏👏

LVHM House